Wrought Iron Ornamental Fences

Custom panels or powder-coated ornamental metal fences add beauty and security to your property. Many HOAs even require wrought iron fences that open to neighborhood walking paths and golf courses.

Metal fences offer a protective enclosure with a spacious feel. From basic flat top and bottom, to extravagant and decorative, we have many options available to fit your budget and style. Our metal fences are virtually maintenance free, which gives them an advantage over traditional wood fences.

Basic Wrought Iron (Metal) Fences

Basic metal fences have a flat top and flat bottom and are perfect for enclosing a large area. They are made from durable steel and are available in any height.

Extended Picket Wrought Iron (Metal) Fences

Extended picket metal fences are a more decorative, customizable option for wrought iron fencing. This metal fence option is perfect for pool areas!

Puppy Panels & Puppy Bars

Do you have a puppy or a small dog that can get out of your yard through your steel fence? Puppy bars or puppy panels are the solution! The gap between pickets of a typical wrought iron fence is about 4 inches, which is plenty of room for a small dog to sneak through. Puppy bars go in between each picket leaving a space of only 1 1/2 to 2 inches. Puppy bars are available in a basic option, or can be upgraded with finials to match the top of the fence, if you have an extended picket wrought iron fence with finials.

Trouble with small critters getting in your back yard, threatening small pets, and eating up your garden and grass? Puppy bars and puppy panels can help keep neighborhood pests out and help keep pets safe from these pests who might have diseases.

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